It is our mission to provide truly independent first class painting inspection service. This carried out by the most qualified and experienced inspectors to ensure maximum protection of our clients infrastructure and plant assets.

CHB can provide CIP1 and CIP2 Certified Inspectors with years of combined experience in the corrosion and coating industry.

Clients can rest assured that the integrity and reliability of their equipment and infrastructure is our top priority. Expect a high standard of inspections, recommendations and QA from our experienced team.

Whether it’s a new build or an existing site or plant, it is essential to prepare a long term paint plan for all elements of the site. Independent Paint Inspections can provide a complete Site or Plant Survey to determine those long term paint plans, and to ensure that it conforms to all current standards and regulations. The client will benefits from the very latest paint technologies available to them. Surveys are regularly carried out on infrastructure and plant equipment including tanks, wall and floor surfaces, plant equipment, bridges, structural steel, pipe work, conveyors, ships, piers etc.